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A brief outline of how we took this ground-breaking tanning brand from $8K p/m in revenue to $80K p/m in 4 weeks.

The founders of Brunae came to us via outreach and expressed interest to partner. Through the initial conversations it was clear there was a strong alignment in understanding what needed to be done to reach their goals and the mentality to implement the strategy. In the early stages we engaged in consistent communication and education with the two (extremely smart) founders and tried to support the brand where we could. We already knew we backed the product and its position in the market, so we put a big focus on nurturing the relationship as much as we could, until we mutually agreed there it was time to integrate active growth management of all paid channels.

Oh, by the way.. we achieved 1,000% revenue growth in the first 4 weeks.


Challenge 1: New to market brand with little market presence in a extremely competitive market

Challenge 2: CPM's and cost of advertising in this niche are extremely high

Challenge 3: Relatively low AOV and sell value

Challenge 4: Low returning customer rate due to seasonality meaning we needed to initially rely on new customer acquisition to scale


We dialed in HEAVY on the creative + offer combination to ensure we were able to cut through in this competitive market, particularly as overall market competition is extremely high in Q4. We implemented our strategic and proven cross-platform scale method and leveraged (FB, IG, TikTok & Google Ads) to create a stable revenue base. We dialed in on smart statics, UGC and offer focussed creative to drive maximum cut-through.

We tested numerous creative angles across platforms, analysed and then drilled into what we identified worked and continued to iterate. Ultimately we look at what truly made this product unique, analysed the market, and ensured we truly understood where we needed to sit this ground breaking product in the market through messaging and creative.


After a complex and in-depth on-boarding, which included completely re-positioning their growth marketing strategy, we were able to scale this brand quickly utilising our framework of performance indicators.

Complimenting the strong growth strategy was the two founders ability to leverage their network of influencers to cooperate via paid partnerships and to further leverage their audiences for credibility in a market that screams for it.

  • Revenue increased by 1000%
  • ROAS increased by 100%

We look forward to continuing to scale in the Australian market throughout the peak summer season. The next objective is to make this seasonal brand seasonless by partnering into northern hemisphere countries, such as the US.

Platforms/Channels Utilised:

  • Shopify
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Klaviyo

$8K p/m to $80K p/m in 4 weeks

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