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A quick overview on how we took this e-Commerce health brand from 2 million per month in revenue to 3 million per month in 8 weeks.

This client came to us with some extremely aggressive growth plans, wanting to scale from the 1 million per month in revenue mark to 2 million within the next 6 months of partnership. Through some in-depth data and platform analysis we came to the conclusion that this would be achievable, by implementing an aggressive high-growth, well structured acquisition and retention strategy - and with this client, we're already on track to hit 4 million per month within the initial 6 month goal.

That's 1 Million in per month revenue growth in just 8 weeks.


Challenge 1: High-spend e-Commerce business with steady returns, but poorly structured and managed Facebook ad-account

Challenge 2: Significant in-efficiencies in Google ads, with some campaign lines at large spend, but operating extremely inefficiently, resulting with burnt budget - damaging ROAS & MER.

Challenge 3: Lack of testing effective UGC content at scale, resulting in a game of catch-up when it comes to creative

Challenge 4: High dollar value product, with an extremely low recurring customer rate of close to 5%


By implementing our strategic and proven cross-platform scale method, we were able to see 100% more ROI efficiency from the allocated $200,000 per month spend, we were able to create a level of efficiency and performance that turned that under performing spend into an extra 7 figures in revenue per month. By taking a step-back, setting higher optimisation KPI's and putting more energy into finding things that return stronger dollar values, we quickly transformed their MER & ROI.

We looked at this product with a new perspective, analysed the eco-system and strategy, and we ensured we truly understood where we needed to sit this unique, and transformational product in the market, and how to get the most out of their acquisition platforms.


After a complex and in-depth on-boarding, strategy restructuring and new approach to this clients entire growth marketing strategy, we quickly saw an increase in ROI and MER after 14 days of management, which gave us the required indicators and confidence that we would be able to scale to that 3 million mark in much less than the anticipated 6 months.

  • MER increased by 60%
  • ROAS increased by 100%

The proofs in the pudding, this brand is now positioned to continue scaling after unlocking significant improved ROI from their customer acquisiton platforms, next up for our partnership with this client is scaling to 4 million per month, 48 million per annum.

Platforms/Channels Utilised:

  • Shopify Plus
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • Active Campaign

That's a $1 Million Dollar increase in monthly Revenue in 8 weeks of partnership.

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