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How this brand achieved a 20 MER (Media Efficiency Ratio) in the middle of a Global Pandemic.

The below write-up gives you core insight into how we partnered with this brand and generated over $670K in revenue, while only spending 31K on ads.


Two of Australia's most populated states, New South Wales & Victoria, in lockdown (July 2021). As we know, buying behaviours rise during lockdown, and this is a trend we have seen stay strong in e-Commerce over the last 12+ months as we ride this covid wave.

It's what we did to leverage the circumstance that made the difference.


By taking advantage of a combination of product demand, unique offering and strategic optimisation, we were able to effectively scale up revenue, without scaling up spend.

Firstly, we engaged our internal development team to build out two custom product builders for this clients top-sellers. Ensuring that we had a unique offering, in a very competitive and rapidly growing market.

We implemented segmented product funnels within one ad account, a unique approach we use for brands that have multiple product verticals to effectively keep each customer journey specific to the product the customer has engaged with. This allows us to effectively distribute relevant content at each point of the product funnel.

We were also able to scale up revenue without increasing spend by optimising out poor performing ads before they reached half the typical cost per acquisition, and continuously rolling in fresh variations of content.

By spending extended hours in the account, monitoring, optimising and testing we were able to respond to any drops in performance in a timely matter, ensuring an extremely high proportion of spend went to performing ads.


Over 670K in revenue generated, from 31K spend across two platforms (Google & Facebook) - Segmented product funnels for all 4 products generated over 100K in revenue each, all managed within one ad account through smart segmentation.

Platforms/Channels Utilised:

  • Shopify Plus
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads

Revenue scaled without scaling ad-spend, simply by focusing on product offering, segmented funnels and extended hours.

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