Performance Marketing

How we scaled this lifestyle brand to their first ever 500K month.


  • Remaining profitable while scaling media spend
  • Every attempt at scale for this brand resulted in a significant drop in profitability
  • Low customer acquisition channel diversity


The early opportunities that we identified when auditing this partner were significant. Their product was undoubtedly desired and unique in the market, however an extremely narrow and un-detailed approach to customer acquisition presented fundamental issues when looking to scale revenue profitably.

Through market-identity we put together a brand boost strategy that consisted of an in-depth cross platform approach. Facebook & Google were our primary acquisition channels, combined with Klaviyo Email Automation to segment buyer journeys and nurture the customer base, and a site re-build to put more focus on product features and site usability.


By looking at the customer journey we ensured every customer engagement is perfect, minimising any risk of losing customers within our partner's notoriously long buying cycle (60 days on average).

Our cross-platform implementation has nurtured customers ensuring the brand is always front of mind. The brand now dominates the space and positions itself as the current market-leader through our creatives, interactive content, strategic offers and on-going optimisation.

  • Scaled ad spend and increased ROAS simultaneously
  • Efficient and profitable cross-platform full-funnel
  • Dominates the market at scale

It doesn't stop here. Our partner is forecast to beat these record breaking results this month.

Platforms/Channels Utilised:

  • Shopify Plus
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Klaviyo

By opening multiple primary acquisition channels, aligning our buyer journey across all platforms, and ensuring this brand was always front-of-mind through well positioned content, we were able to get this brand over 500K monthly revenue, profitability.

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