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How we increased Celia Loves conversion rate by 100%

Project Overview:

Celia Loves came to us looking to light-up their e-Commerce offering in a bid to break in to a competitive space. We took the design and development reigns on building a market-leading, product focused website for one of Australia's most forward-thinking smell-mazing brands.


You buy candles based on what they smell like, right? The biggest challenge Celia Loves was facing as a brand, is bringing across the powerful essence of a product that you buy on smell, it's packaging, it's core messaging and it's mission through to the end consumer through their digital medium.


Celia Loves candles are undoubtedly the most delicious looking candles on the market. Pioneering the way in energetic packaging design, the Celia Loves mission is to elevate your every day, through scent.

We were very aware we had to ensure that the website encompasses the feeling the brand seeps, the vibrance and energy of Stefi (Founder) and the impact of the products. We incorporated a mega branding palette of over 6 colours (not easy) and brought that candle packaging energy directly to page, boom.

Elevated buttons for punch and depth, free shipping bars, Unique Selling Propositions, founder highlights, lot's of colour, powerful UX and a hard-hitting eye-popping user interface.

By ensuring we brought the brought the packaging energy to site, putting a large focus on user experience and shopper psychology and an elegant front-end, we managed to increase the conversion rate by over 100%.

Celia Loves went from sitting at 2%, to pushing over a 4% conversion rate within 30 days of launch.

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