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How we partnered with Fitazfk to double the results of their best ever program launch.

Project Overview:

Fitazfk partnered with us to assist in the launch of their new Transform program. Prepped to be one of their biggest program launches to date, after just executing a flawless re-branding exercise and re-positioning themselves as the market-leaders. The Transform program is an 8-week program that is designed to be done anywhere, anytime - it's about like-minded women coming together and becoming (em)powered by nutrition, movement and community.

We partnered with Fitazfk to build a hyper-focused, sales funnel landing page, Facebook & Google launch and funnel strategy, and work closely with the internal teams on launch and EDM structure. The results speak for themselves.


Bringing to market a new-era for fitazfk as a fitness brand, with a small pivot in target-market, presenting a list of challenges around audiences and pixel data. Although previous program launches have been successful, for the launch of Transform under the beautiful re-branded Fitazfk, the bar was raised significantly, with some large influencer partnerships completing the first round of transform, and bringing their dedicated followers on the journey with them.


Landing Page Strategy:

The core of every successful campaign is a well-executed, market-dominant landing page that speaks directly to the consumer, clearly outlines key benefits, selling propositions and ensures a seamless sales-funnel like experience. We used market-analysis to identify what needed to be said where and how we could portray this in a way that would resonate to the consumer - through this we executed a flawless, audience-focused solution.

Paid Acquisition Strategy (Facebook & Google)

Utilising a combination of early opt-in data, engaged on-platform audiences, influencer data, complex lookalikes and an API integration with Klaviyo - we implemented a funnel that was deep in every aspect, we segmented shoppers based on behaviours and we distributed the required content that was needed to convert and educate at each point of the buying lifecycle.


Fitazfk not only successfully smashed their previous biggest program launch ever, they did so by over 250%.

In the past big launches followed a quick drop in sales once the initial hype died down. This time they were able to maintain a flow of Transform purchases over an extended period, it is now almost 2 months post launch and there is still a scaled flow of Transform purchases every day. This was more than a launch, this was trip-switch to long-term success that will only continue to grow.

Fitazfk generated a significant amount of revenue, resulting in a 250% increase on any previous challenge launch.

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