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How we continued to hit record months for our clients, even post iOS14.5

Everyone's aware of iOS14.5 and the impacts it's had on e-Commerce advertising, particularly through paid social. It was almost deemed doomsday for performance marketers, panic setting in from both the client-side and agency-side.

BUT: fear not, strategic marketing is still here and so are high performing paid media funnels.

By utilising strategic market strategy, audience and content segmentation, correct attribution set-up, deep analysis and cross-platform strategies - we were able to continue hitting the ground running, even post iOS14.5 roll out.

60 days post release, and we still continue to scale our partners, here's an overview of July:

Client1: Biggest ever month, even bigger than Black Friday.

Client2: Biggest Month Ever.

Client3: Biggest Month Ever.

Client4: Biggest Month Ever.

Client5: Biggest Month Ever.

Client6: Biggest Month Ever.

Strategies & techniques we used to pivot and mitigate reliance:

  • Divert focus to segmenting shoppers via on-platform interactions
  • Funnel-focused content - ensuring we're delivering the optimum ads at every touchpoint
  • Large focus on owned-data and strategic email/sms opt-in strategy
  • Implementation of complex attribution

It's important to understand that marketing is not platform specific, deep-thinking marketing requires a broader approach to the entire business.

Struggling to execute profitably in the new climate? Get in touch.

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