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An overview on how we turned around this Unique Gift Brands acquisition strategy just before Black Friday, resulting in 200% growth in 8 weeks.

On the back of an on-going saga of multiple disabled ad accounts, restricted budget allocation, and poorly set-up customer acquisition and retention funnels - we turned this brand around just in time to smash their biggest ever month, on Black Friday.

Within the first month of management, we skyrocketed this brands revenue by almost 100%, from $87,000 to $188,000 in 4 weeks.

Oh, we then doubled that the month after, where this brand pulled $344,000 for Black Friday 2021.

That's 200% revenue growth in 8 weeks.


Challenge 1: 2 x disabled ad accounts where the client continuously struggled to get these back and operating successfully.

Challenge 2: Poorly structured Facebook account, with no structure or preparation for scaling winners, rapid testing or the customer journey - somewhat of a set and forget method that is no longer effective in 2021.

Challenge 3: Lack of testing effective UGC focused creatives to key audiences and ensuring the customer receives the correct content at a pivotal time of their buyer journey.

Challenge 4: Google ads set-up poorly, only fleshed-out with multiple broad-focused keyword campaigns bleeding spend, resulting in significantly low ROAS and damaging MER.


We took a big step-back and looked at the various product verticals, eco-system and strategy holistically, so that we could get a better understanding of where and how we needed to position the brands core strategy on their key acquisition platforms. Through in-depth Shopify, Facebook & Google Data analysis we were able to identify key product lines that were not only top-sellers, but packed a high AOV, conversion rate and best in-account performance.

By taking a step back and re-building out their segmented acquisition and retention platforms, we were able to inject budget and spend into areas that we knew worked and were profitable for the business, on the back of that we set-up well-structured testing and scaling campaigns ensuring we could extract and scale high-performing campaign aspects - resulting in a stronger customer journey, and more control over ROI driven budget.


After a complex and in-depth on-boarding, strategy restructuring and new approach to this clients acquisition, we transformed their overall strategy and skyrocketed their revenue by 100% in the first month, and 200% over 8 weeks.

  • Purchase volume increased by 150%
  • CPLs decreased by over 50%
  • ROAS increased by 100%

The results speaks for themselves. Next up for this client is an in-depth expansion into the US market.

Platforms/Channels Utilised:

  • Shopify Plus
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads

200% Revenue growth in 8 weeks

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