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How we increased the conversion rate by 100% through strategising, designing & developing a fully-custom server side shopify web-solution for this partners core product offering.

Project Overview:

We helped Sketch & Etch identify some core pain-points in their product offering, and highlighted some vital areas in which we needed to improve. The core product offering had some significant outlying issues in which were doing some detrimental damage to the performance of their paid marketing - we partnered with Sketch & Etch to solve this problem, and we did.


Low, inconsistent and unpredictable conversion rate. The key offering was powered by a back-end app in Shopify, which caused significantly low load and server response times, causing frustration and purchase flow drop-outs from their consumers. There were unclean and disruptive properties and behaviours that saw a significant drop-out after adding to cart


We proposed that we would build a fully custom, fast, usable and seamless product that would allow the consumer to have an incredible buying experience from end to end.


Through strategic market analysis, mind-mapping and wireframing we compiled key components to ensure we created something that was not only unique but a pleasure for the consumer to use.

While doing so we were also able streamline the back-end processes of the business, including more efficient manufacturing processes and reducing consumer coms.

We knew what the barriers were, we had analysed the data and noted the core roadblocks, so we knew exactly what areas need essential attention, once we started wireframing things started to really come to fruition.

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