We implemented a custom web solution for the world's most renowned neon company.

Sketch & Etch works with you to design and create beautifully bright custom LED Neon lights and signage for your events, business and home.


Sketch & Etch, the world renowned neon company, with market presences in Australia, United States & the UK. After identifying their core product medium was under-performing in terms of conversion rate, we endeavoured on a journey to build a market-leading product builder. We partnered with Sketch & Etch to help bring their core product offering to life - custom neons, yes the offering is as amazing as it sounds.


The product builder at the time was powered by an app in the Shopify back-end. Prone to a significant amount of issues, particularly with server-downtime and reliance on a medium that was simply uncontrollable from S&E's perspective. So if the app server went down, so did their core sales medium. This also presented some fundamentally detrimental issues with load-times and server calls receiving no response, resulting in an un-loaded page, which was hitting conversion rate significantly.

Our Approach:

To build 'hands-down' the best neon builder in the market. We compiled 6 months of data, analysis, thoughts and opinions and put together (based on the data we had) an impeccable solution for selling this amazing product.

The core process consisting of:

1. Strategic Wire-framing & Mind-mapping

2. UX & UI Design Focus and development of full functional prototypes

3. User testing, analysis and adjustments based on findings

4. Custom Server Set-up & complex currency and pricing management based on mathematical equations

5. Bringing designs to life through development using HTML, CSS, JavaScript & Vue.JS


1. On-sale conversion rate doubled

2. 300% increase in the post-sale conversion rate

3. Significantly reduced post-purchase complexity through spitting out accurate data

4. 50% increase in overall conversion rate

The outcome was a market-leading product builder, putting Sketch & Etch above the rest.

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