Hospitality Supplies re-envisioned.

Successful businesses run on quality ingredients. The Flying Fork only sell the best hospitality products in the industry because we love good products and love keeping customers happy. The Flying Fork know that sourcing lower quality products with a higher profit margin is often a false economy. High quality products generally last longer, are more reliable under pressure and help convey a premium image for your business.


The Flying Fork were ready to migrate away from Magento and over to Shopify Advanced. We partnered with TFF to execute a flawless migration of complex functionalities and large inventory volumes. TFF required a partner that could identify the core functional requirements of their current Magento store, and migrate this across to a much-improved Shopify edition.

Our Approach:

1. Functionality Analysis

2. Large Scale Data Management

3. Big focus on shop-ability utilising key filter & tag structure

4. Market-leading user interface, placing them leagues ahead of their competitors

The successful migration of platforms saw The Flying Fork have a significant reduction in checkout abandonment and functionality barriers. This resulted in a large increase in both Conversion Rate & Average Order Value.

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