Organic Tanning Revolutionised.

Borrowed from Mother Nature, Three Warriors is the answer for an organic and ethically conscious tan that feels as good as it looks. Tasmania has the oldest growth rain forests, the purest water, lush olive groves producing organic olives that are hand pressed into the most nourishing oil.


We partnered with Three Warriors to give their website the core foundations required of a market leader. Three Warriors had a revolutionary product that needed to be paired with a revolutionary website.

Our Approach:

1. Implementing testimonials, featured in and USP's in key locations to alleviate buyer pain-points

2. Putting a big focus on clean UI (interface) design

3. A product-focussed layout to ensure all shopper attention is on the product/lifestyle imagery

4. Clean User Experience (UX) from page-land to checkout

We partnered with Three Warriors to bring their power-house Australian brand into a market-leading online presence.

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