New Zealand's Most Innovative Fermented Probiotic Drinks Brand.

Wild Delicious's mission is to help people truly understand the importance of gut health and how this can change their lives and transform the way they feel. It is scientifically proven that having a healthy and happy gut is at the epi centre of human health and wellness. Wild Delicious's passion is to create clean and health supporting products that are delicious and beautifully crafted in Matakana, New Zealand.


Wild Delicious we're looking for a Shopify Partner that could deliver a world-class Shopify solution, and help them to take their newly launched brand directly to the consumer.

Our Approach:

1. Migration Analysis

2. Large focus on Visual Design (both UI & UX)

3. Interaction at the forefront through utilising strategic white space to put emphasis on product

4. An intuitive but impactful injection of branding and messaging

We took the new Wild Delicious brand, and we injected a complex combination of design, interaction, usability & contemporary design to produce a world-class, market-leading outcome.

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