Australia's fitness program pioneers.

Fitazfk is a community of passionate, every day people, working to build strong, happy humans while inspiring them to discover the power of movement and nutrition through easy, accessible fitness programs and holistic nutrition.

Their purpose is to build happy, healthy humans.


Fitazfk partnered with us to assist in deciphering and envisioning the new direction of Fitazfk as a fitness, activewear and lifestyle brand through their Shopify medium. They wanted to ensure they remained market-leaders in a space they were first to succeed in. Through building a great relationship with Fitazfk, partnering with them long-term to share their vision, some seriously hard yards and hurdles jumped, the results were sensational.

Our Approach:

1. Complex integration of multiple succinct homepages for different arms of their e-Commerce business

2. Industry-leading techniques to increase Shoppability, Conversion Rate & Average Order Value

3. Product-focussed layouts

4. Hyper-focussed landing pages

4. UX & UI at the forefront of the process from end-to-end

In conjunction with FitazFK's new branding and vision, we executed one of their most successful program launches to date.

Learn how we helped them double their best ever product launch here.

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